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Workplace Wellbeing Day May 2020

Published on 05/05/20

Top 5 Wellness Tips by Cian O’Sullivan

It’s Workplace Wellness week and I was tasked with coming up with some Wellness tips - something that obviously plays a big part in sport. How do you maintain a good work-life balance? Dealing with pressure and staying focussed. All that good stuff. Much of it transferrable to the workplace so I’ve shared below five things I’m currently trying to do in the lockdown chaos

  1. No phone after 9.00pm

Leave my phone downstairs and use a normal alarm clock. No blue light from sitting in bed scrolling and more likely to get REM sleep, although this is completely out the window with Bonnie on the scene!

If anyone’s interested there’s a good Joe Rogan podcast with Matthew Walker on sleep, good sleep routines and its importance – really interesting.  

  1. Daily lists

Not just work stuff. Include everything whether it’s some form of exercise or a call to family/friends I want to make. Focuses the mind and nice little dopamine hit in getting things done. I keep it really simple - not committing to making banana breads, doing a Pilates class and learning to play the guitar on my lunch break like many would have you believe these days!

  1. Get exercise in early

No big secret to exercise but by doing it early and before the workday you kickstart with a release of all those feel-good hormones. Also, a better sense accomplishment exercising when less people around and with the world and its mother out walking these days, you’ll have less people to avoid on the footpaths.

  1. Nutrition quick fix

Again, no big secret and I think one everyone is struggling a bit with in lockdown. The Nutribullet is my saviour here. I try and cram all greens/fruit into one easy to drink juice. I find I can put almost anything into it and as long as it includes a good dose of lime juice, it’s drinkable.

  1. Flip my outlook

Easy to be anxious about what lies ahead and fed up with lockdown measures but one tip that helps change my outlook is to ask the question – what’s the opportunity here? Example - instead of being frustrated that grandparents can’t see Bonnie I try focus on the opportunity, being I get to spend loads of time I wouldn’t otherwise get. Really simple and helps me flip a negative to a positive.

So, there you go! Nothing complicated or particularly challenging in any of that but for me I find it’s the little small wins and tweaks that make a massive difference.  Great to see all the photos of everyone out doing their exercise.

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