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Capital Gains Tax Planning

Our capital gains tax service is designed to maximise specific reliefs and exemptions provided for in tax legislation. We structure capital transactions to reduce the capital gains tax payable, while ensuring that the commercial aims of the client remain unaffected.

Examples of our capital gains tax services are as follows:

  • Minimising capital gains tax payable on transferring assets to the next generation
  • Advising on the sale of shares and property
  • Advising on the availability of ‘retirement relief’ on a transfer of a company or business
  • Advising on the capital gains tax implications of company reorganisations, mergers and management buy-outs and demergers
  • Advising on the interaction between Irish capital gains tax and similar foreign taxes

Capital Gains Tax Planning Team Members

Talk to Eugene McQuillan about our Capital Gains Tax Planning services.

Talk to Pat O’Brien about our Capital Gains Tax Planning services.