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Corporate Tax Planning

Our corporate tax planning service aims to reduce the total corporation tax liability for our clients by taking a comprehensive approach to their corporate tax affairs. Our philosophy is to understand each client’s business in order to provide tax solutions which are practical and relevant. Examples of the areas in which Purcell McQuillan can provide quantifiable benefits to our clients are as follows:

  • Maximising profits liable at the 12.5% corporation tax rate
  • Ensuring that full benefit is obtained for tax deductible items, including capital allowances and interest paid
  • Advising on the acquisition of business assets such as new premises in a manner that is commercially viable and tax efficient
  • Advising on finance structures and techniques for new acquisitions and for working capital requirements
  • Ensuring that corporate structures are suitable to maximise the availability of corporation tax, capital gains tax and stamp duty group relief
  • Advising on tax efficient methods of realising shareholder value      
  • Advising on the knowledge development box - available reserach and development tax credits
  • RCT - relevant contracts tax

Purcell McQuillan can also provide international tax advice on matters such as the transfer pricing implications of trading with other jurisdictions, the relevance of double taxation agreements with other countries and how to structure cross border trading arrangements.

Corporate Tax Planning Team Members

Talk to Eugene McQuillan about our Corporate Tax Planning services.

Talk to Pat O’Brien about our Corporate Tax Planning services.