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Personal Tax Planning

We take a holistic approach to the tax affairs of our individual clients and assist in organising their affairs in a manner that is both tax efficient and commercially sensible. Our personal tax services cover all relevant tax heads including income tax, capital gains tax (CGT), gift tax/inheritance tax, stamp duty and, where relevant, foreign taxes. Examples of personal tax planning services offered by Purcell McQuillan are as follows:

  • Advising high earners on the restrictions on “specified reliefs”
  • Advising on all aspects of employment taxation, including tax efficient remuneration packages, share incentive schemes and benefits-in-kind
  • Providing advice on the tax implications of investments such as property and shares
  • Advising on how to avail of lower income tax rates in relation to property dealing transactions
  • Advising on wealth accumulation strategies for business proprietors and investors
  • Advising on the tax implications of transferring assets (e.g. the family business) to the next generation
  • Advising on the tax implications of moving to or from Ireland, including the implications of acquiring or losing Irish tax resident status
  • Advising on the Domicile Levy

Personal Tax Planning Team Members

Talk to Eugene McQuillan about our Personal Tax Planning services.

Talk to Alison van Dalen about our Personal Tax Planning services.