Sinn Fein Alternative Budget 2022 – Whatever happens tomorrow taxes are likely to be higher under Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein Budget Proposals

Tax Revenue 

  • Remove tax credits on a tapered basis on individual incomes above €100,000
  • Introduce a 3% solidarity tax on individual incomes above €140,000
  • Abolish the Special Assignee Relief Programme
  • Introduce a 40% CGT rate on individual incomes above €500,000
  • Increase CAT rate to 36% & reduce Group A Threshold to €300,000
  • Increase Stamp Duty to 2% and 5% on residential properties above €700,000 and €1 million respectively
  • Introduce a 2nd Home Charge at a rate of €400
  • Introduce a Wealth Tax at a rate of 1% on net wealth held above €1 million
  • Remove the Help to Buy Scheme
  • Increase Employers PRSI by 2.2% on portion of salaries above €100,000
  • Reduce the Pension Standard Fund Threshold to €1.5 million and the Earnings Limit to €60,000
  • Extend the Banking Levy
  • Increase Stamp Duty on commercial property to 12.5% except for farming
  • Increase Excise Duty on a packet of cigarettes by 30c

Additional Taxation Measures

  • Introduce a 17% Stamp Duty Surcharge on the block purchase of all residential property purchased by institutional investment funds (Mortgage to Rent Scheme exempt).
  • Increase the rate of DWT to 33% for REITS and IREFs.
  • Applying a CGT rate of 33% on all asset disposals by REITs and IREFs.
  • Introduce a Vacant Property Tax.
  • Increase the Vacant Site Levy to 15%.
  • Disqualify data centres from capital allowances claims.
  • Restrict losses for banks which availed of Government loans at the time of the financial crash.

Tax Expenditure

  • A month’s rent relief
  • Restore Trade Union Relief
  • Phase out the Local Property Tax beginning with a 20% reduction
  • R&D payable tax credits paid to small & micro companies within 12 months

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