Revenue Interventions & Investigations

Purcell McQuillan’s considerable knowledge and expertise can guide our clients through any audits and investigations and, where relevant, seek to negotiate and resolve matters with Revenue in a timely and favourable manner.

The Revenue Audit landscape has shifted significantly over the past number of years and an increase in the level of resources committed to Revenue interventions has resulted in a major increase in the number of individuals/businesses audited each year. Coupled with this, we have also witnessed a change in approach from Revenue with an increased number of appeals being referred to the Tax Appeals Commissioner.

Not only can Revenue interventions result in costly interest and penalties, they are also often lengthy and time-consuming processes. At Purcell McQuillan, our first approach is to always ensure a comprehensive and thorough tax compliance service is provided to all our clients. When an audit is underway, we ensure there is a well planned approach for preparing for the audit to help minimise the final settlement and any business disruption. In recent years, we have carried out a number of self-review ‘health checks’ for our clients and these have proved to be very valuable exercises in identifying any potential shortcomings and allowing early intervention with Revenue.