Private and business property transactions can have wide-ranging taxation implications. Whether you are a large commercial property investor or a buy-to-let landlord, our specialist property tax advisors will help you stay a head of the constantly evolving property tax landscape. With experience culminated over 20 years, our expert tax advisors will manage all aspects of your property transactions to ensure that you complete in the most tax and commercially efficient manner.

Structuring and managing property investments are inherently complex undertakings. With expansive knowledge of the domestic property market, we assist our clients in devising appropriate structures to manage and grow their property investments. We work closely with our clients to gain a greater understanding of their objectives and help identify sound commercial and tax property investment opportunities.

VAT on property remains one of the most complex areas of taxation. Our team of expert VAT advisors guide clients through the many complex issues involved in property transactions, ensuring costly pitfalls are avoided.
The services we offer include:

  • VAT Due Diligence processes and assistance in completing pre-contract VAT enquiries.
  • VAT analysis of buying and selling property or granting commercial or residential leases.
  • Advice on operating VAT on subsequent leases.
  • Advice on all Revenue concessions and anti-avoidance measures that apply to property transactions.
  • Advice on inter group property transfers.

Stamp duty tax can have a significant impact on private and commercial property investment decisions. Given the increase in the stamp duty rate on non-residential property to 7.5% we are seeing a much greater focus on the stamp duty aspects impacting transactions.  Our specialist stamp duty advisors provide clients with expert advice on stamp duty provisions and reliefs.

RCT is a withholding tax that applies to  payments by Principal Contractors mainly in the Construction Industry but also in the Forestry and Meat Processing Industries.  The rates of tax vary from zero, 20% to 35%.  The withholding tax regime can produce anomalies and the penalties for non-compliance are significant.  We have the expertise and can advise to ensure that you meet your RCT requirements.